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It seems like everyday there is something that reminds us of the challenges we’re facing. When reading the news, it’s clear that there are difficulties in our country. Whether it’s aggression, the effects of climate change or social challenges, it can feel difficult to accept these issues.

And in the midst of these challenges, as with every season, the fall is a reminder that life continues on. While it seems like there isn’t a place for hope or gratitude, when we look deeper into our lives we realize that the challenges give us an opportunity to cultivate appreciation.

Gratitude isn’t about being ignorant to the challenges going on, it’s about seeing them clearly and choosing to appreciate the positive as well. There are so many qualities within us right now - that we can discover each moment. Whether it’s peace or love, compassion or understanding - it’s important to take a moment each day to be grateful for the positive qualities in our lives and the lives of others. It’s these qualities that give us the inner strength to progress through any challenge.

Contemplation: Each morning when you wake up, spend 1-2 minutes bringing to your attention some qualities within yourself that you are grateful for then extend that out to others in your life.

Posted by Kate Dutton on November 14, 2018.