One of the most important things you can do right now is cultivate an open, tender heart. All beings thrive on love. If you look at a mother taking care of her child, it is easy to see the kindness and tenderness that is there. It's the same for animals, too, even snakes who most people consider terrible creatures, have the most compassion towards their young. Sometimes when you're having challenges with a relative or a partner the tendency is to shut down and turn away from that person. Maybe you don't want to call them or text them back. But this never leads to happiness. If you consider that that person wants to be happy and free from suffering than it becomes easier to have compassion. It feels good to cultivate an open, tender heart. By having an open heart, it means your mind is more flexible and adaptable. By being tender towards your loved ones, it means you honor your precious human life and the life of those around you. Your heart is at the center of your circulatory system and pumps all of the blood throughout your body. This is a beautiful metaphor in that the love that comes from your heart is what fills you with life. This may seem like an easy concept to understand, so easy that it's sometimes forgotten. But who are you if you give up on your own tender heart? 

Posted by Kate Dutton on August 24, 2018.