One of the many questions I'm often asked is: How do I know which gemstone is the right one? If you find yourself in this situation, here's a short list of what to do.


One place to start is with your intuition. For some people this might be easy, for others more challenging. I recommend doing an initial quick scan of all the gemstones to choose from. Then with an open mind, feel into which stones are calling you. This might sound funny - how do gemstones "call to you"? It's a kind of feeling, sort of like that instinct in the morning for a fresh cup of coffee. Which stones stick out and say "look at me!" So if you have this feeling about one or two stones, that's a good sign.


Another way is to select stones by their meaning. Some people believe that gemstones have different energies. If you do an online search, it's easy to find the multitude of articles on this subject. But some people are more skeptical and that's okay, too. And in that case, the meaning becomes an intention or something that you want to cultivate such as more compassion, peace or healing. 

Of course you can always choose a gemstone because it's beautiful! There might be some other reason why you gravitate towards it. 

Posted by Kate Dutton on May 24, 2018.