The celebration of Mother's Day is coming soon and there are many beautiful gemstones to honor the mothers in our lives. I compiled this small list of gemstones connected with motherhood and hope it will be beneficial in some way. 

The comforting energy of Rose Quartz embodies the essence of comfort and peace, while also being the stone of feminine energy. It can provide a deep sense of contentment, allowing the ability to fully give to others. 

For a parent, it's very important to take care of yourself, too, which is why Amethyst is beneficial. Known as the "all-healing" stone, it can brighten, heal and uplift - and offer the much needed self-care a busy mother needs. Also a stone of spiritual love and protection, this radiant stone can help you to discover your highest good throughout the day. 



Tiger's Eye is the ultimate stone of focus, concentration and determination. If there's ever a challenging day being a parent, put on a piece of this powerful stone and allow it's energies to help build upon your inner resilience. 

Last but not least is Moonstone, the stone of new beginnings and hope. Since ancient times, this stone has been a deeply feminine gemstone. Known for it's magical connection with the moon, it can be a helpful fertility stone. 


Posted by Kate Dutton on May 10, 2018.