Some of our mala necklaces are designed with Rudraksha seeds. People ask us all the time, what's the meaning of these seeds? Rudraksha seeds are from India and originate thousands of years ago. They are typically used for prayer beads but can also be worn and valued similarly to gemstones. The Sanskrit word Rudraksha translates to tear from Shiva's eye. Shiva is one of the most well-known Hindu Gods. There's a story that says when Shiva saw the suffering of the world, a tear drop fell from his cheek and from the tear grew a tree which became the Rudraksha seed tree. It's believed that wearing Rudraksha can be very good for your health and can protect your energy. Each Rudraksha seed has a mukti, or face, which is determined by how many vertical lines are formed on the seed. There can be anywhere from 1 to 21 faces. The most common mukti is five, which is also said to bring very good health and peace. Rudraksha seeds also come in many sizes, some very big like the one on this mala and some very small. 

Posted by Kate Dutton on October 2, 2017.