Lamplighter Company was created to offer yoga and meditation-inspired products to enhance your spiritual path. We hope to inspire your practice through these beautiful items and through the blog and video content we share throughout the year. At Lamplighter Company, we believe that cultivating yourself in a spiritual way is one of the greatest things you can do. Regardless of your background, we believe it’s important to cultivate community with people from all traditions.


We’re cultivating a Buddhist study, contemplation and meditation practice as well as a yoga asana practice. Proceeds from all of the sales help support the retreats we attend and offerings to monasteries and nunneries. In addition to our daily practice in the U.S., we make a yearly pilgrimage to India, where we enjoy being able to study, contemplate and practice in inspiring sacred sites.


The items we offer are filled with love. They’re either handmade in the U.S. or selected by artisans in India and Nepal. Each piece is made with intention and has a special meaning.