Kate Dutton, Co-Founder

The teachings say that the path to awakening begins with the aspiration to help others. After living at a meditation center in Maui, I had the vision of creating a company that would help inspire people in a positive way. The energy of gemstones have been of personal benefit for many years, naturally I wanted to design pieces with them. What's great about gemstones is that they're for everyone - regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc. People all over the world have worn gemstones for thousands of years and they've been praised more so for their healing benefit above just their luster. Each of our pieces is handmade with great care, we hand select every bead making sure of the highest quality. In addition to quality, each piece also has a special meaning, related to it's healing properties. I hope what we're offering can be of benefit to you or a loved one in some way. 

John Almanzor, Co-Founder

Dharma can be defined as both the teachings and the spiritual path. In Maui, my root guru, Lama Gyaltsen, had encouraged me to always practice the Dharma first and the details of life will begin to fall into place. He even told me that I seemed to be too busy working and encouraged me to, instead, meditate more. In Buddhist philosophy the Dharma cannot be thought of as a backup plan, but in complete reliance on the spiritual path, one will prosper. Lamplighter Company is what I intend to be an extension of that path. This business is our way of cultivating and supporting a connection to the greater spiritual community (Sangha) that is growing here in the U.S. and abroad.